420 Central Dispensary

Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary Santa Ana

Medical Marijuana is on the rise in Santa Ana, California and 420 Central Dispensary is the best medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana. Why are we the best in the business you may ask?  Accredited with the title of a Measure BB dispensary, meaning that we are one of only one of a few legal shops in the area, we  backed by the city and local departments,. 420 Central in Santa Ana is changing the way patients are buying their medical marijuana products in Santa Ana. Professionalism, efficiency, and cleanliness are three words that come to mind when stepping foot into the highly regarded 420 Central dispensary. Because 420 Central is under The Measure BB, it puts us in greater protection of keeping a safe environment for transactions of medical marijuana. When looking for the best medical marijuana in Santa Ana, 420 Central is the only Dispensary that you need to know about.

420 CentralAll of the medical marijuana products sold at 420 Central are top of the line in the Cannabis Industry. With a selective mindset in choosing their products, which are laboratory tested, not just any company can sell their medical marijuana products in the 420 Central dispensary. Each product is lab tested for potency and quality to ensure that each patient is getting the medicinal effects that they need for their ailments. From your original herb or flower, to concentrates and extracts, 420 Central’s selection of medical marijuana is the best in Santa Ana.

Setting standards for medical marijuana dispensaries

A big factor that sets apart 420 Central from other medical marijuana dispensaries is the attention to details when it comes to designing their building and a seamless integration of clients easily buying and receiving their cannabis product. Also, the focus on the customers is shown off by simple things such as their loyalty rewards programs and safe and easy buying of medical marijuana. Dispensaries not backed by measure BB are not protected by the city nor is it sure that all of their taxes are in fact being paid to the county. Fortunately, 420 Central does not have to worry about its protection or legitimacy. The unmatched quality and special weekly offers that 420 Central delivers to each and every patient who walks through the door will have you coming back to our dispensary for all your medical marijuana needs. Visit 420 Central today and see for yourself why we are the best medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana.