Legal Marijuana Santa Ana

It’s 2017 and the world of legal marijuana is changing and growing more rapidly than ever before. Considering that marijuana was never truly legal until a couple years ago,  and still has stipulations today. Currently there are two ways to get marijuana legally is as follows: medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Recreational use of marijuana is legal in the states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Washington D.C. In these states adults 21 and over are allowed to legally consume marijuana as long as it’s not in a public setting. There are 29 states not including Washington D.C who are allowed to provide medical marijuana to their patients. Places that serve patients medical marijuana are known as dispensaries or medical marijuana clinics. 420 Central, a Measure BB compliant dispensary, is located in Santa Ana and makes sure their patients get the right medicine through medical marijuana legality. Medical marijuana dates back to 1996 in California when the first laws were passed in San Francisco to ensure that people with illness who needed medical marijuana could get their prescription safely.

Laws for Legal Marijuana

Legal Marijuana’s new spotlight is the new laws sweeping the United States urging cannabis to be legal for recreational use. Big steps have been made to have all 9 states legally available to distribute recreational marijuana. California’s prop 64, which would permit the use and sell of legal recreational marijuana, was passed in 2016 with 57.13% of voters voting for prop 64. Although some state laws have changed, marijuana enthusiasts continue to hope to see change in the federal office. The federal government still considers weed a class I drug. Class I drugs are noted to be highly addictive and serve no medicinal purpose. It is likely that a change will soon be made to federal laws to ensure the prosperity of legal marijuana across the United States. Even for those against any types of use of marijuana have a hard time denying the facts of it potential revenue bringing abilities. If marijuana is legalized for recreational use on the federal level taxes on marijuana will boom, leaving the government with plenty of funding money off of an industry that has been on the black market for so long. Legal marijuana seems to be on the horizon for the United States and 420 Central in Santa Ana has your back through it all. For more information about legal marijuana in Santa Ana, contact 420 Central today.