Measure BB Dispensary Santa Ana

Measure BB Dispensary420 Central, one of the few Measure BB Dispensaries in Santa Ana, provides patients with not only a safe, but relaxing environment and experience to purchase their medicine. Becoming a Measure BB Dispensary is not an easy task, therefore to do so the dispensary must be top of the line and follow all compliances. In efforts to create the best dispensary around 420 Central became a Measure BB Dispensary to put their patients in a no risk situation. Measure BB also makes sure medical marijuana shops are 1,000 feet away from schools, parks, or residential zones. Keeping dispensaries away from the youth could be the biggest perk for Measure BB. Under the measure dispensaries also have to be located in an industrial area, which will keep people from consuming marijuana in public places.

To further ensure safety Measure BB states that there must always be a security guard on sight (who cannot possess firearms) who watches the surrounding area to make sure patrons leave immediately after their purchase and patients coming in. Measure BB also notes that dispensaries in Santa Ana can only be open from 10a.m-8p.m on Monday-Saturday and 11a.m 7p.m on Sundays. Also, under Measure BB employees of each dispensary must complete a background check which makes sure they have not been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor drug charge in the past four years. Dispensaries under the measure are not allowed to grow on the same facility in which they distribute their marijuana. Becoming a certified dispensary under Measure BB is not an easy task, but neither is being a top dispensary in Santa Ana. These two milestones prove why 420 Central cares and is for their patients. Come visit the best measure BB dispensary today.

Measure BB Dispensary